Today, we are interviewing Ahmad Mahmood @1ahmadr on instagram – his uncle owns the showroom deals on wheels, where he works in marketing and sales, he is 16 years old and he was born and lived his whole life in Dubai

  • Question: You have seen and probably driven all the finest cars that a person can buy. Are there any cars that you want or will add to your collection in the future?

 Ahmad: In the near future I would love to have a Bugatti Chiron, something about the car and its performance interests me a lot

  • Question: What is the favorite celebrity that you met?

Ahmad: My favorite celebrity I met is probably Floyd Mayweather, as he is a man that really built himself from scratch, and now is world renowned highest paid athlete.

Ahmad with the Floyd Mayweather (via instagram)


  • Question: Out of the people that you know, which one would you start a business with?

Ahmad: My family, they are the only people you can really trust.

  • Question – What do you think of when you hear the word “successful”?

Ahmad: For me success means firstly happiness, also having or being able to have all the things I dreamed as a kid with my own hard earned money

  • Question: What is your favorite place in Dubai?

Ahmad: My favorite place in Dubai is probably deals on wheels because cars are my passion, and that place is like my second home


Ahmad with his uncle Mohammed Ali from Deals on Wheels (via instagram)


  • Question: Do you imagine yourself working on deals on wheels or your own project?

Ahmad: For now I see myself continuing to work for deals on wheels, but hopefully in the near future starting my own businesses.


Ahmad with the famous rapper 6ix9ine (via instagram)


  • Question: What is your motto for life?  


Ahmad: Making money is hard, but being broke is harder.

     Ahmad with youtuber Mo vlogs (via instagram)