Today, we are interviewing Alex Jimenez,  @theyachtguy on instagram – The Yachting & Lifestyle and Travel Influencer with over 800 thousands followers

  • Question: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grow up?

Alex: Man I grew up in the Bronx, really tough neighborhood. What I wanted to be when I got older didn’t come to mind till I was in my 20’s, maybe even my 30’s. I grew up with that “just get through today” mentality. Not very healthy I don’t recommend it to anyone.
I remember thinking how much I would love to be a doctor, ha! but I was just sliding by in high school so that was definitely just a Dream. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a bad kid, just very distracted.

  •  Question: What is your definition of luxury?

Alex: That’s a bit of a loaded question. On one hand we can’t deny luxury in its materialistic form right, Yacht, cars, etc. On the other hand we have the mental and physical luxury of being where we are, who we are or just being, that’s a deep rabbit hole many of us need to find on our own. For me I’m sitting alone at a WholeFoods eating a slice of Pizza and drinking a cold root beer soda. I’m blessed that shits not blowing up around me, I don’t have to watch my back, I have a place to call home and I’m happy. This is true luxury for me.

  • Question: How did you get into the yacht industry?

Alex: This is probably my most repeated question. Lol it was total accident I started on the gram in 2011 because I used Yacht pics as my vision board. Soon the post and the page gained traction and in 2014 I became TheYachtGuy full time.

The Yacht guy (via instagram) 
  • Question:  If you could take one album, one book and one luxury item to a desert island, what would they be?

Alex:  Album- Parachutes by Cold Play -I like every song on that album.

Book- “How to survive on a desert island”

Luxury item- solar powered record player with built in speakers so I can listen to my album.

  • Question: Do you have the goal of owning a super yacht? Which one would you purchase?

Alex: I did at one time till I realized I don’t need one to be happy. Would I get one if I had the money? Yes. Kismet, Aquila, Eclipse, to many to choose from. Lol

Alex and some friends on a super yacht (via instagram) 
  • Question: What is something that everyone should do before dying?

Alex: Travel the world!!

  • Question: What is your motto for life?

Alex: This is something that I wish I would have learned at a really young age. Be happy, love everyone even those that don’t love you, Mostly be kind. I don’t care what you have, where your from, your social or economic status. You’re just another person and if we get the chance to meet I hope we’re both smiling. Sounds really corny I’m sure for many, but let me tell you from experience when you genuinely show people love with nothing expected in return the worlds doors just open up. #facts

Alex Jimenez (via instagram)