Today, we are interviewing the one and only Fidel Cavalli @fidelioCavalli on instagram – American – Lebanon born business man and bon-vivant who lives in Dubai and California. Fidelio is a connoisseur of fine living and has spent the majority of his life surrounded by an elite circle.

  • Question: When do you feel truly “alive”?

Fidel: When I am around my true friends. 

  • Question: What is your definition of luxury?

Fidel: Comfort is true luxury for me.

  • Question: What has become more important to you in the last few years and what has become less important?

Fidel: My health is more important and being around negative people is less important. 

(Fidel with his good friend Mohammed Al Habtoor)
  • Question: What would the closest person in your life say if I asked them, ‘What is the one characteristic that they totally dig about you, and the one that drives them insane?

Fidel: That I am a true friend. The one thing that drives them insane is the way I order my food.

  • Question: What was the most memorable gift you’ve received?

Fidel: My son Alex. 

(Fidel with his son Alex – via instagram) 


  • Question:Are you living the lifestyle that you always wanted? How would your younger self feel if it knew what you have achieved?


Fidel: I always lived a lifestyle that everyone wanted. I guess yes, my younger self would salute me. 

(Fidel Cavalli via Instagram)
  • Question: What is your motto for life?
  • My motto in life is Peace and Love – Live and Let live.             

 -Fidel Cavalli 

(Fidel Cavalli via instagram)