Today, we are interviewing the night club legend Antonio Ierone @Antonio_Jimmyz on instagram – the manager of the exclusive night club Jimmyz in Monaco frequented by VIPS and world known celebrities. 

  • 1- On a scale of existential crisis to living the dream how’s life going?

Antonio: My life at moment it’s worded full with a beautiful woman and an incredible son.

  • 2- How did you get into the nightclub business?

Antonio: I’ve been bartender for many years doing also international cocktails competition, and one day a client asked me to run his place and after many years.. Jimmy’z club came to ask me to work with the company.


  • 3- What was the maximum amount that a client of yours spent in a night

Antonio: It is never enough. (laughs) 

  • 4- What cannot be missed in a party?

Antonio: Champagne and beautiful women. 

Jimmyz club in Monaco 


  • 5- What other businesses do you have, or want to pursue in the near future?

Antonio: No business at moment.

  • 6- What has become more important to you in the last few years and what has become less important?

Antonio: The born of my son.  

(Antonio and his son) 
  • 7- What is your motto for life?

Enjoy it because it is too short.. 

(Antonio Ierone (jimmyz) and his wife)