Today we are interviewing the legendary Susu @susu on Instagram – the 28 year old CEO known as the founder of flexing on Instagram, and a big watch collector. 

Question: What was the biggest struggle when being a young CEO?

Susu: Stepping into CEO you think you know it all including your own business, company and finding out there’s still so much more than that. You come to find out you learn something new everyday about your company and business. Having to adapt and know when to sit down and listen and learn.

Question: How was your childhood? What would you say to your teenage self?

Susu: My childhood was great I was in a well brought up family the only issue was school I didn’t like it at all till later on as I got older, I figured how important school really is. I’d probably tell my teenage self to listen more and to slow down. I was at the clubs when I was 15.

When I was elementary all the way up to 8th grade I didn’t have friends I was the kid that I thought I had friends but I didn’t the friends I thought were my friends would never invite me nowhere. I do not know if it was a issue because they were jealous of what I had or something… But As I grew older by the time I was 22 I had more money in watches then all there parents put together, which sounds really of an asshole for me to say that, but I truly hate people like that. I actually never spoke to none of them after I left that school at 8th grade. I actually never even saw them but later on heard around they would tell everyone they knew me and were close friends of mine. 

I remember and it’s crazy to think how cruel and sad that feeling is and what that does to you. Some people are strong and others get hit with depression,etc.

So I’d like to make an emphasis on those kids out there that are suffering from being bullied or from depression or just sad everyday because they go to school with no friends and they get picked on or talked about that you have to be strong because you will get over it and in due time you will find true friends brothers and sisters who will have your back and people who you will make lots of money with and people who at the end of the day will always know how to put a smile on your face, so be strong, keep moving forward and remember the best form of revenge is success. 

Question: When did start your passion for watches? What is your grail watch?

Susu: I remember being really young and my dad always wearing different watches,because he had a passion for them, then later on when I turned 12 he bought me a TAG heuer because he pushed me hard enough, telling me if I pushed myself in school and got focused, he would give me a surprise watch. As soon as I put it on my wrist it was game over. My grail watch would be, I actually have two , the Patek 1952 heures universelles ref 2523 because I’ve always been a fan of the world time.

Second would be the Paul Newman daytona,of course, because my most favorite watch ever is the Rolex Daytona, I just love that watch.

Question: What’s the most ridiculous thing you have bought?

Susu: The most ridiculous thing I ever bought was maybe my first Bugatti or when I rented a 250 ft yacht in the French Riviera for a week.

Question: What has become more important to you in the last few years and what has become less important?

Susu: The most important thing for me right now is my family well being which is my father mother sister and grandmother and that’s it. I’ve also gotten really really close to God these last years. That’s also something very important to me in every aspect of my life. And the least important would be that I’ve learned to let go of things and also people. I’ve learned to let go toxic anything in general.


Question: What are you most likely to become famous for?

Susu: I never wanted to be famous. If I wanted to, I could´ve done it a few years ago when I used to really really hang with the biggest celebrities. People like Chris Brown, ASAP Rocky, etc..Big names like, that´s always offered me hooks, verses if I ever wanted to make for nothing, but that was not my goal. I love the business I´m in and that’s what I want to do. I genuinely believe I started the really really big flex in the clubs with cars and girls and high bottle tabs. I have been doing this stunt thing since 10 years ago. I have been doing the 2 Rolls Royce and a Escalate back to back pulling up to the club like that.  My life has already been like a rappers or ballers life. I know there is people like Mike Tyson who would go crazy on shopping sprees or clubs or Diddy but let’s cut the shit half of the shit they say it’s fake or free at the end of the day because they are entertainers. I believe I really topped the stunt on another level.

Question: What is your motto for life?

Susu: My motto for life is simply God and faith. I literally pray every day whether it’s the first thing I do when I wake up or when I fall asleep or throughout the day. I really just leave it all up to him and really think through every decision l make. Besides that , it is loyalty and I’m really big on that. I’ve been through so much that loyalty is really important to me. I don’t give a shit about love,money or anything… I look at my life and see where I stand and everything I do from where I sit is just a plus. 

I´ll take loyalty over love any day.